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I am taking a much needed hiatus off of my Social Media accounts as of tonight. In the time that I am “digitally detoxing” I have set a task for myself. To read books on, at first two subjects which I feel drawn to. Sacred geometry and gardening. This is the first book I will be reading. It depends how long this takes but to keep myself accountable I am thinking about completing a long book review on here! Time to get into reading, take care. Sarah, Soul Sista.


Hey there, my name is Sarah. I have created this blog to share everything Spiritual. I am not your average Spiritual being. I have a practical no nonsense approach when it comes to my spiritual and I have been guided to share my experience and thoughts. I am not too sure how often I will be sharing to be honest, hopefully on a regular basis as I do put a high value on Spirituality and subjects encompassing. Feel free to contact me to know more!! Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and hopefully learning along the way.

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Sarah, Soul Sista.